Private Client Insurance

HNW | Diverse Portfolios | Yacht and Boat | High Value Homes | Overseas Property & Travel

Mass-market insurance providers don’t always offer sufficient coverage for all clients. Protecting High Net Worth assets, complicated portfolios and frequent international travel requires an experienced agent with strong ties to high-end insurers. Fortunately, Lathrop Insurance has 80 years of experience protecting oceanfront homes, businesses and residents.

Our experience in meeting the distinct, unique needs of HNW clients goes back decades. From the Cape to Watch Hill to the far side of the Atlantic, we create customized, hassle-free programs that protect our clients and simplify their lives. Our relationships with private insurers and dedicated customer service set us aside from other agencies, allowing us to offer custom-tailored plans that far exceed those of other agencies in the area.

Don’t settle for a plan that doesn’t adequately protect you, or an agency that doesn’t go out of its way to satisfy your unique demands. Allow us to give you a thorough risk-assessment, review of your current policy and a no-obligation recommendation and quote. You’ll be glad you did.