Personal Insurance

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Personal Insurance Lines protect the everyday things you can’t afford to replace on your own; a car, a house, the income of you or a loved one who is suddenly unable to work. When insuring your home, health, or any combination of assets, an independent insurance agent is the best way to shop around the various providers and get the best deal on a comprehensive package, especially in a coastal community.

Not all Personal Insurance is the same. Living on the coastline introduces a number of unique elements, challenges and requirements that don’t exist elsewhere. When dealing with windstorm, flood and other supplemental insurance you should have an expert on your side, researching and shopping the best programs for your individual needs. Let Lathrop help. With eighty years of coastal experience we can save you time and ensure comprehensive coverage for ultimate peace of mind. We search out insurance providers and specialized programs to suit your unique situation, usually for a lower premium than you are currently paying.

You have something to lose, and probably can’t afford to replace it if disaster strikes. We can help you enjoy the things you have instead of worrying about them. Don’t stress about home, health and life, enjoy them.