Not-for-Profit Insurance

Commercial General Liability | Directors and Officers Liability | Umbrella | Worker’s Compensation

Non-profit organizations exist to serve the greater good, but they still have to operate like any normal business. Identifying risks and protecting the organization is crucial, especially since they often have a lower revenue stream to replace lost assets out of pocket.

Lathrop Insurance can help uncover and identify risks to nonprofit organizations. We have decades of experience working with NPO’s, including fundraising and special events, and understand what it takes to create a comprehensive and affordable program to protect their assets.

What would happen if a member of your board were sued for negligence? Are you covered for the additional risks at special events? Are your employees protected if they suffer a workplace injury? If your business insurance policies exclude any of these areas, one accident could bankrupt your organization. Lathrop Insurance will identify the risks that threaten your organization, find appropriate non-profit insurance policies and customize them to protect you. Our commercial line agents are experienced with not-for-profit organizations, understand their unique demands and challenges, and work with highly-rated insurance providers to develop unique plans to support your overall mission.