Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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As a business owner, few things can hurt your bottom line more than failing to provide workers’ compensation insurance for your employees. Little problems become big, expensive problems in a hurry, and while these incidents can hurt any employer, they can destroy a small business. Even if you have Workers’ Compensation Insurance currently, an audit of your policy could correct errors and possibly earn you a refund up to ten thousand dollars from your provider. Lathrop Insurance agency is the exclusive Rhode Island partner of SMP Consulting Group, a national leader in workers’ comp audits for over thirty years.

What could it cost you to NOT have the correct Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Case Study One: An employee injured his lower back on the job, which aggravated a previous injury and required two surgeries. The employer was responsible for a settlement of $324,000.

Case Study Two: A nurse was originally denied coverage because she was classified as an independent contractor. The Workers’ Compensation court, however, determined she qualified as anemployee and ordered a $94,000 settlement.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to make sure you are properly covered. Talk with a licensed agent who represents at least three options for Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and make sure you are properly covered to protect your employees, your business and yourself. If you need help sorting through any Workers Comp questions, we’re always happy to help you find the right customized solution to meet all your needs.