Yes, it Can Happen to You.

“It can’t happen to me.”
Fatal words and one of the most devastating, expensive mindsets you can have. Everyone carries risk, and loss can happen at anytime (yes, even to you). Don’t believe us? Just look at the devastating fire that ravaged Notre-Dame only a few months ago. If disaster can strike an iconic historic cathedral, one with redundant safety and protection systems established by one of the most powerful nations in Europe, it can strike anywhere.
(You can read about the Notre-Dame fire here)

Be Prepared:

You may not be able to prevent loss from happening, but you can prepare for it and mitigate the effect it will have on you financially. Transferring financial risk to an Insurance Provider (or in some cases multiple Insurance Providers) for affordable premiums and adequate coverage may sound boring, but the peace of mind it buys will help you enjoy what you have without worrying about losing (and replacing) it to an unexpected loss.

What to Protect:

Most people have so many more assets than they realize. Your possessions, your health, your family, your ability to work, your liability if you make a mistake professionally or a salesman slips and falls on your snowy steps; these are just some of the assets you should take into consideration when determining your needs.

What Can You Cover?

Do you have the money to cover the costs of replacing your car if it is totaled? How about your home after a fire? Can you afford higher deductibles in order to lower your premiums? Do you have enough savings to maintain your lifestyle if you are suddenly unable to work due to an accident or illness? How much financial loss can you assume on your own? These are all important questions when determining your individual insurance needs, and you should have an experienced professional help you assess not only what you need but also what you can afford to cover. It is a vital step in building a comprehensive, affordable policy, and you should always consult an independent agent to ensure your package is tailored to your situation.
Let us help protect you and everything you care about. With 80 years of experience as an independent insurance agency, we can assess your needs and build a fully-customized insurance plan to help you avoid disaster. Don’t be a victim of loss, be prepared. Call (401) 596-2525 for a free review today.

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